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Why did Tims make a clothing line?
What is National Coffee Day? I NEED TO KNOW.
Double a colour?
What is Deux-Deux?
I can’t find the size I need. What do I do?!
The drip I wanted has run dry. When will it be restocked?
Why are the drops only available for 20 minutes?
Are the items in my basket all mine?
I missed the entire collection. Will it be back?
Do I have to pay to ship the drip?
Can I get my order sooner?
I can’t wait to put on my drip. Any chance you know where it is?
Will you ship to me?
I received the wrong product or there’s something wrong with my order.
Take my money. How do I pay?
Will I earn Tims Rewards for my Double Double™ Collection purchase?
Can I return or exchange an item? Asking for a friend.
Can I buy The Double Double™ Collection in store?
Where were these pieces made?
What size should I buy?

We wanted to celebrate National Coffee Day by creating drip as fresh as our Double Double™ coffee. 

It’s the best day of the year (09.29.21), celebrating the best drink in the world. In our opinion.

It is now. Here was our line of thinking: Double Double™ the coffee? Amazing. Double Double colour: zomg, also amazing.

It’s Double Double™, en français. Cool, non?

If your size isn’t there it has probably sold out. We know, not exactly what you want to hear. Good news, items are dropping twice on National Coffee Day. Check the homepage to Double Double check availability and drop times.

We’re double dropping the Double Double™ Collection (we love a good theme, ok?). Check the homepage to see if there is another drop. Fingers crossed!

Fresh drops happen every 20 minutes because our coffee is brewed fresh every 20 minutes. See what we did there?

Not yet. But don’t worry, you’ll be looking fresh just as soon as you’ve completed the checkout process.

The Double Double collection is a one-day drop for National Coffee Day. And when it’s gone, it’s gone. If you want to make sure you don’t miss out next time we do something super fun that you definitely don’t want to miss, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

Nope. Shipping is free.

No, but we do love your enthusiasm. We offer free ground shipping across Canada, which will take 3-6 weeks.

You’ll get a tracking number as soon as your order ships. This number holds all the answers. How cool is technology?

The Double Double™ Collection only ships within Canada. So if you live in Canada, yes. If you don’t, accept our apologies then refer to the first part of this answer.

We can help! Get in touch with us by email at:, and we’ll see what we can do to make it right.

We accept payments from vendors with cool names like Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Shop Pay.

No Tims Rewards, but honestly, the real reward is sinking into the Double Double™ soft.

Because this is a very exclusive and limited drop, all purchases are final.

If by “in-store” you mean this nifty little online store we put together, then yes! If by “in-store” you mean in a Tims restaurant (which is much more likely, now that we think about it), then no. The Double Double™ Collection will not be served in Tims locations.

All clothing was proudly brewed… err, made… in Canada.

Hrm, well, that’s tough to answer without meeting you. Your best bet is to grab a tape measure and head over to our product pages where you can find sizing charts.